The Intelligent Medicine Dispenser for home care

  • Easy to use
  • Remote serving of doses
  • Competitively priced
Älykäs Dosetti - Automaattinen lääkeannostelija kotihoitoon

The intelligent medicine dispenser's features

all medicine types, including liquids

The Automated Medicine Dispenser can serve continuous medication, periodic medication and as needed or PRN medicine. Marevan and other medicines not suited for dosing bags are possible. Liquid medicines are also compatible, when a lid is used on the cup.

Cloud based remote care software

It is possible to track the intake of doses and administer medicines using the remote connection if needed. The dispenser's status is shown in the software's dashboard in real-time. Family members can also get their own login credentials to the remote care software.

Easy to use and very effective

Medicine doses are given to clients in familiar medicine cups. This results in a large percentage of clients, 60-70%, who can take their medicines independently. This large number of independent clients leads to cost savings for the home care provider and to satisfied and more independent clients.

Remote serving of medicine

Using the remote care software it's possible to serve doses in the automated dispenser remotely and track if the client has taken the medicine. If the client forgets to take the medicine, the cup is moved back inside the dispenser and the dispenser sends out an alarm. A nurse or family member can remotely serve the forgotten medicine cup back out to be taken.

All medicines in a familiar medicine cups

Medicine cups can be filled from either pharmacy packages, dosing bags or both.

Moving dose dispensing bags to the dispenser

The medicine is moved from dose-dispensing bags to medicine cups and the bags content information is scanned to the dispenser's memory using a small handheld ir-scanner (see video above). Filling the dispenser with two weeks worth of dose-dispensing bags takes 8 minutes on average.

Battery backup in case of power outages

In case of a power outage the backup battery will keep The Automated Dispenser powered for 24 hours. The connection to the remote care software will also work during a power outage.

Ability to remotely change medicine regimen

In case of changes to the medicine regimen the nurse can change regimen using a mobile phone or laptop in the remote care software after this the dispenser will present the cups that need updating and the nurse uses a physical button on the dispenser to acknowledge that the cups contents have been updated.

Technical specifications

Capacity: 48 medicine cups at once.
You can stack two dispensers on top of each other for a total of 96 doses.
Wireless 4G connection to the remote care software.

  • Width 35,5 cm
  • Depth 45 cm
  • Height 14 cm
  • Weight 7 kg

Going on a trip?

If the home care client is going on a vacation or a trip the dispenser can offer the medicines needed for the duration of the trip. It is recommended that lids are used on the medicine cups if the medicine is transported in them.

The right medicine
The right dosage
At the right time

Succesful home care

The Automated Medicine dispenser helps bring home care clients the joy of independence and frees up nurses' time.

Maintaining functional capacity

Medicines taken correctly and the feeling of independence improve functional capacity.

Medicine safety

Axitare's Automated Medicine Dispenser significantly improves medicine safety. Medicines are offered in a familiar and easy to use medicine cup from which most clients are able to take the medicine themselves.

The Automated Dispenser only offers one medicine dose at a time so the risk of incorrect dosing is minimized.

The Automated Medicine Dispensers medicine storage is locked and can be accessed only by the nurse or family member so there is less risk of abuse.

Current situation - moving medicine from bags to cups

Dose Dispensing bags are an easy way for nurses to keep track of a clients medication but they are hard for many clients to open and even risky in some cases. This is why nurses often move the medicine from the bags to cups so that it is easier for the clients to take their doses. The Automated Medicine Dispenser improves on this situation by filling the dispenser with two weeks of medicine at once and it only takes 8 minutes.

Home care moves medicine from dosing bags to cups in many places.

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