About us

Who we are

Axitare Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2016. Our team has experience in home care services from over 28 years. Our team members have expertise in service automation, IT- and cloud platforms and also home care services.

Our mission

We developed and offer technologies and services that support and improve the quality of life of elderly home care clients.

Our mode of operation

We have developed and implement functional and efficient solutions for home care providers. We work closely together with home care providers and home care professionals and listen to their needs. We have an extensive network of partner companies who we work with.

Our team



M.Sc. (Eng.) and serial entrepreneur. Over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur. Pioneer in service automation development and implementer of meal services for home care clients. Over 34 years of experience in service management in the private sector and in self-founded companies.

Joel Saastamoinen


M.Sc. (Eng.), Aalto University, extensive experience in the design and programming of mechanics and embedded electronics in mechatronic devices, construction and commissioning of devices.

Marko Ilves


Worked for more than 21 years as an entrepreneur in service and transport operations. Has more than 18 years of experience in home care catering services. Works at Axitare in addition to his own business.

Joonas Vihtonen


Entrepreneur in the service and logistics sector. Works at Axitare in addition to his own business.

Contact us

We would love to tell you more about the possibilities of our Automated Medicine Dispenser and organize a demonstration.

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