The advantages of The Automated Medicine Dispenser in home care

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Benefits for home care providers

The best effectiveness for home care can be achieved when a large number of home care clients can take their medicine independently. Using the Automated Medicine Dispenser is very easy to use - also for memory patients. Easy of use also improves medicine safety.

Simplifies the serving of different medicine types

Medicine for home care patients comes in a variety of types. A significant proportion of home care clients receive their continuously taken medicine in dosing bags. Some of important medication comes in pharmacy packaging. There are also medicine not suitable for dosing bags, short-term medicine and as needed medicine.

All medicine types in the same dispenser

Medicine management in home care is simplified when different medicines types continuously taken, short-term and as needed medicine are in the same dispenser. This reduces the risk of medical errors during the medication use.

Dose-dispensings benefits and risks

Dose-dispensing is an affordable and very accurate way to deliver medication. In dose-dispensing the greatest risk lies in the medicine taking part when a home care client is alone in their home, opening dosing bags and trying to take their medicine. The risk is that that the medicine falls to the ground, the client forgets to take the medicine or the wrong dosage is taken. This risk is being mitigated in home care by nurses who move the medicine from dosing bags to medicine cups and labels the cups so that the client knows which cup to take during the day.

Refining the current dispensing bags to safe medicine cups

The Automated Medicine Dispenser refines the dose-dispensing process by moving the medicine from the bags, to the cups and then inside the Automated Medicine Dispenser. This semi-automated filling process is done in the clients home and takes the nurse on average 8 minutes. The nurse utilizes a small handheld ir-scanner that scans the barcodes in the dosing bags to the Remote Care Software cloud platform and the Medicine Dispenser's internal memory.

High effectiveness!

Approximately 60-70% of home care clients can take their medicine on their own using The Automated Medicine Dispenser. All medicine types are stored at the clients home in the same Automated Dispenser. The Automated Dispenser utilizes the best parts of dose-dispensing (accuracy and affordability) and makes it possible to combine non-prescription or OTC medication to the medicine regimen. The Automated Medicine Dispenser benefits both the home care provider and the client.

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