THE AUTOMATED MEDICINE DISPENSER - Easy to use and a unique remotely operated medicine dispenser for assisted living

The Automated Medicine Dispenser

Using the remotely operated medicine dispenser you can minimize the risk of infection and maximize the capacity of nurses.

One of the highlights of the automated medicine dispenser is serving any medicine using a remote connection. Supervised serving of medicine is also possible and cost effective using the remote operation and VideoVisit-service.

By utilizing the most easy to use medicine dispenser on the market you are protecting the assisted living patients as well as nurses from infection. When a large amount of home care patients can take their medicines independently using the automated medicine dispenser, the need for home visits decreases and more nurses and home care patients stay healthy.

You can find more information about the automated medicine dispenser and the advantages it provides below. You can also watch a video of the medicine dispenser in action.

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"Our medication safety has improved.
Our cost effectiveness has improved."
Taina Jaako
Director of home care, Eksote

In the video, Taina Jaako, the care director of the South Karelia Social and Health District, talks about the cooperation between Eksote and Axitare.

Älykäs Dosetti - Automaattinen lääkeannostelija kotihoitoon

The Automated Medicine Dispenser

Operating model

The client or care provider leases the automated medicine dispenser. The dispenser dispenses the clients doses at the right time throughout the day. It is easy to take the medicine because it is dispensed in a safe and familiar medicine cup.

The medicine cup automatically presents itself and dispenser notifies the client by speech and by illuminating the cup. The automated dispenser can serve different kinds of medicine: continuously taken, temporary and, if necessary, medicine. Liquid medicines are also possible. The system includes a remote care software where all the medicine information and user data is stored. The software can be used by nurses and also by relatives who have been familiarized with the software. The automated dispenser send out an alarm if the client forgets to take their medicine. The forgotten dose can be re-introduced remotely. The remote control also allows to serve "as needed" or PRN medicine. So basically any medicine that is loaded to the dispenser can be served remotely at any time.


By using the automated medicine dispenser home care providers can increase the effectiveness of nurses because most home care clients (60-70%) can take the medicine themselves. Home care customers benefit from the increased independence. Medication safety also improves. The functional capacity of elderly home care clients is maintained and in some cases improved, when the medicine is taken according to the treatment plan.

Filling the dispenser

The medicine comes from dose dispensing services or pharmacy packaging. When filling the dispenser the nurse can choose to keep the dose packages and pharmacy medicines in separate cups or combine them into a single cup. Dose dispensed medicine bags are scanned using a small handheld ir-scanner. The fill-up process takes approximately 8 minutes every two weeks..

Engage family members

For family members there is a simple user interface for the remote medicine serving and filling the automated dispenser. Family members can opt to receive alerts if a dose hasn't been taken. The home care patient or client and the family members can fill the automated dispenser together. This way the patient or client can be more involved in their own medicine treatment.

Users of The Automated Medicine Dispenser

What our users say?

The automated medicine dispenser always reminds me to take my medicine and since I started using it I have never forgetten to take my medicine again.
Home care client
I can be totally sure that my mother gets the correct medicines on time.
Family member

Developed together with Eksote

We bring independency to home care clients and free nurses to be more autonomous.

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